Revisiting Classics: The 2004 International CXT

The 2004 International CXT is part of the International Extreme Truck lineup, also known as the XT lineup. This lineup also includes the RXT and MXT, with all three of the models being sold from 2004 to 2008. All of these XT models, including the CXT, were created with the goal of being the biggest pickup trucks ever. To create them, International took a prime hauler then removed the trailer.

General Description

The 2004 International CXT was the first XT model introduced, and it had a GVWR of 25,999 to go with its 14,500-pound curb weight. This pickup was built based on the International 7300 chassis, using a heavy-duty DT 466 diesel engine. That engine makes it possible for the CXT to tow as much as 20 tons. It also featured four-wheel drive. Starting prices ranged from $93,000 to $115,000.

Under the Hood

To go into more detail about the powertrain, the 2004 International CXT uses a 12NPM DT466 turbocharged engine. This engine delivers 220 horsepower and 540 pound-feet of torque. The engine was very advanced for its time, including four valves for each cylinder, improving breathing while lowering emissions. The engine also had G-2 Electro-Hydraulic injectors that are digitally controlled as a way to boost efficiency while reducing emissions. The engine and truck itself are far from efficient, getting between 8 and 10 miles per gallon.

The engine works with a five-speed automatic transmission, a 13AEG 2500 Series Allison Vocational unit. The heavy-duty gearbox features 550-pound-feet of nominal torque capacity along with a spin-on oil filter plus an oil level sensor.


International CXT

Because of its odd design, the International CXT is sure to turn heads. The huge proportions mean that everyone will respect it instantly, and you cannot sneak by unnoticed. It has modern design language like all other International models. The long nose features a shiny grille with vertical bars. The rear one-ton pickup bed is certainly unique. Even so, the truck has fairly aerodynamic lines, with the hood raked slightly to reduce the drag coefficient and ensure the driver has a clear view of the road. Going to the front, you will notice muscular fenders that deliver a rugged appearance. They are complemented by the sharp headlights that combine with the bumper’s fluid lines for some dynamism.

Inside the CXT

The interior of the 2004 CXT is unsurprisingly spacious, with a heavy dose of luxury to accompany it. The double cab is able to fit five passengers in comfort between the rear bench seat and front bucket seats. Interestingly enough, you can actually walk between the bucket seats in the front to get to the second row.

Sitting in the driver’s seat lets you take advantage of its air suspension for depth and support. There are also numerous driver’s seat adjustments. The leather-wrapped steering wheel has two spokes and an ergonomic design, complete with tilt-and-telescoping functionality and integrated controls.

The CXT comes standard with leather seating, leather on the steering wheel, power locks and windows, and keyless entry. You can also find models with a DVD entertainment system featuring a 10-inch screen, Sirius Satellite Radio, a 6.5-inch screen, a rearview camera, and navigation.

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