Revisiting Classics: The 1945 MG TC Midget

The MG TC Midget was part of the MG T Series, a range of body-on-frame two-seater sports cars with an open top. MG produced the series between 1936 and 1955. The TC Midget was manufactured between 1945 and 1950, making the 1945 MG TC Midget the first of its kind. This was also the very first MG following the war. In addition to that piece of fame, the TC Midget has the reputation of leading to the sport car obsession in America, a reputation it rightfully earned. Even so, the TC Midget had many similarities with the TB that MG produced before the war.


MG TC Engine

The 1945 MG TC Midget shared an engine with the pre-war TB. This was a 76-cubic inch pushrod-OHV engine that did get a slightly better compression ratio in the TC Midget, 7.4:1. This engine was able to deliver 54.5 bhp at 5,200 rpm. MG also gave owners information for various alternative stages for the tuning designed to meet various specific purposes. This is one of the many reasons that the XPAG engine is well-regarded among enthusiasts for its tunability.

While the TC Midget’s engine was very similar to that of the TB, it did feature several improvements. This included a hydraulically adjusted time chain tensioner. Every TC used a 12-volt electrical system with a single battery. The ignition distributor had automatic mechanical timing advance built in. The TC Midget got 28 mpg (imperial) or 23.3 mpg (U.S.) and reached 60 mph from zero in 22.7 seconds. This was a reasonable performance for the period. There was also a low fuel warning light on the dash. The fuel came from the 16.21-gallon tank using an electric SU fuel pump with two semi-downdraft SU carburetors. The TC Midget utilized a four-speed manual transmission that had a direct-drive fourth gear as well as a rear axle ratio of 5.125:1.

Basic Description


The TC Midget always used 19-inch Dunlop wire wheels. The TC was exported to the US but only built with right-hand drive. The version that was exported had US-specification sealed-beam headlights that were slightly smaller plus twin tail lights, chromed rear and front bumpers featuring over riders, and turn signals. The 1945 TC Midget was 140 inches long, 56 inches wide, and 53 inches tall. It was about 4 inches wider than the TB by the rear doors, a change that enhanced cockpit space.


The body had an identical boxed side rail/tubular cross-brace frame as the TB, which underslung by the rear, upsweeping over the auto’s front axle. There was a new suspension with shackled semi-elliptic leaf springs sitting on rubber brushes instead of the TB’s sliding trunnions. This suspension controlled solid rear and front axles. This suspension was also damped via double-acting Luvax Girling lever arm shocks of a hydraulic nature.

Inside, the tachometer was right in front of the driver’s seat with the speedometer/odometer sitting in front of the passenger.

Production Figures

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Between September 1945 and November 1949, MG produced 10,001 TC Midgets, which was the most of any of their models so far. In its home market of England, the TC cost £527.

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