History of the Range Rover

The very first Range Rover was shown off in 1970. Throughout its life, this auto has been known as the most luxurious SUV in the world that also happens to have amazing off-road capabilities. Over the years, the Range Rover went from a single model to an entire family.

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The Prototype

The Range Rover actually began in 1969 with the Range Rover Velar prototype. The name of the prototype was top-secret, the “Velar,” to hide its identity. This name even appeared on the first prototypes. It comes from the Italian word for “to cover or veil.”

Introducing the Range Rover

After successfully testing the Velar prototype, Land Rover went ahead with the three-door Range Rover, bringing it into production in 1970. It stood out right from the start with its combination of elegant design and capability. This was also the first auto with permanent four-wheel drive, a continuous waistline, clamshell hood, and split tailgate. Still in the first generation but 11 years after its debut, the Range Rover Classic was finally offered in 1981. The four doors expanded its customer appeal.

1994: Second Generation

The second generation of the Range Rover arrived in 1994, making for an incredibly long first generation. This 1994 version was much more luxurious and is much closer to the Range Rover we have today. In fact, the iconic silhouette has more or less remained the same, as has the swap of rectangular headlights instead of the original circular ones.

2001: Third Generation

The third-generation Range Rover held the distinction of being the first built with a unibody. The hull’s inspiration came from an Italian Riva speedboat’s tapered design. The metallic finishes within the cabin also show inspiration by the luxury yacht, specifically the pulleys.

Range Stormer Concept

In 2004, Land Rover showed off the Range Stormer Concept. This let everyone know the direction this auto would take in the future. It also gave us a hint of the bold technology to expect from future models.

2005: Introducing the Range Rover Sport

The next big milestone for the Range Rover was in 2005 when the Range Rover Sport began production. This was the first sports SUV within the family, and it showed off Land Rover’s commitment to performance. It offered a supercharged 4.2-liter gas engine and a cross-linked air suspension for optional ride height. This ride height maximized 4×4 driving and comfort both on and off the road.

2011: Introducing the Range Rover Evoque

In 2011, the Range Rover family expanded yet again with the introduction of the Range Rover Evoque. It was unveiled during the 2010 Paris Motor Show. It features some features of the LRX Concept introduced in 2008 and designed for those who spend less time off the road.

2012: Fourth Generation

The fourth generation of the Range Rover hit the market in 2012, being the first in the family with an all-aluminum lightweight body. The floating roof and long wheelbase made it instantly recognizable. This generation also used the next-generation Land Rover Terrain Response System.

More Recent Milestones

The Range Rover Hybrid finally arrived in 2013. This was also the year that the second generation of the Range Rover Sport took the stage. The Range Rover Sport SVR launched in 2015, as did the Range Rover SVAutobiography and Range Rover Evoque Convertible. In 2017, the Range Rover Velar joined the lineup, bringing it more or less to the current state.

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