Top Selling Cars of All Time

Tens of thousands – if not hundreds – of different car makes and models have graced the international roads that spiderweb the globe. Exotics, sedans, imports, luxury, economy, quirky, archaic, new, cool, and other unique measures of greatness abound. But what are the best-selling cars of each discipline? We could simply go through the rigamarole of simply listing off the top-selling cars based on sales, but that’d be boring. Instead, this list will look at those truly top selling cars of all time, yes, and many of them will coincide with different categories. But we will also dissect the top-selling cars across so many markets and niches. Let’s begin!

Ford Model T – 16.5 Million Sold

We love things exotic and we love things old. We also love trucks, so it’s only fitting that we touch on perhaps the oldest best-selling vehicle ever produced: The good ole’ Ford Model T. Since this was the first mass-produced affordable car for the average American, it only makes sense that the Ford Model T would outsell other manufacturers. It did so quite well, even considering it began production 1908.

In fact, the Model T was produced and sold more times in 20 years than most other car brands have sold over the course of decades. That’s a staggering 16.5 million model Ts, if you were guessing. Currently, the Model T holds title as the eighth best-selling car of all time even though production ceased over 86 years ago, and we don’t expect that rank to change anytime soon.

The Model T is more than just one of the best-selling vehicles of all time, though. It is solely responsible for founding the modern car industry. That’s a huge claim, but it holds true. Before the Model T was produced, car makers were niche and bespoke. Only statesmen and the well-to-do could afford a gas engine that spun four wheels, and even then, such vehicles were archaic by the Model T’s standards. The Model T brought with it the idea that a vehicle should have interchangeable parts and standardized features, allowing for regular repair and maintenance. In truth then, the assembly line didn’t just help the Model T become the first everyman’s car. It helped create an entire service industry.