Top Selling Cars of All Time

Ford F-Series – 40 Million Sold

We hate to give away our threatened image of remaining neutral, here, but we’re very happy to say that one of the best-selling vehicles of all time, ever, across the globe, is one of our favorite trucks: The Ford F-series. Sure, there are plenty of truck builders out there pushing marketing and commercials, claiming their truck is the “longest-lasting, best-selling, most sold pickup”. Those are all lies because the F-series has sold over forty million times. That’s 40,000,000. Forty. Million.


That’s a lot of trucks. But it’s not so surprising once you find out the F-series has technically held the official, true, factual title as America’s best-selling pickup since 1977. Why is this? While other manufacturers “evolved” their trucks, wildly redesigning their powerplants, drivetrain, features, and overall styling, the F-series has stayed pretty consistent from bumper to bumper since its initial production in ’48.

In fact, you could do a little experiment. Describe a new-model F-150 from the year 2017 and an F-100 from 1965, and to a listener, they’d basically sound like the same truck. Where other makers sought to transcend their own truck models, Ford only improved. Today, Ford continually manages to answer the calls of the truck market, pumping out bigger, meaner, more powerful F-series trucks. We reckon the F-series will surpass 50 million models sold within the next ten years.