Tesla Model X – Worth The Cost?

The Tesla Model X is an unusual offering on the market as one of the few electric SUVs, but it comes with a high price tag. This leads to many drivers wondering whether it is worth the cost. As of August 2017, the starting price was $79,500, which is more than the average person is willing to spend on an SUV. With options and upgrades, this figure can easily rise. Even so, that price is comparable to many luxury SUVs. In addition, the Tesla Model X will save you money since you won’t have to visit the gas station; electricity tends to be cheaper than gas. While the Model X certainly has a sticker shock, those who can afford it will typically feel that this model is indeed worth the cost.

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Top Safety

Tesla advertises the Model X as the “safest SUV ever.” Most parents are not willing to put a price on their children’s safety, making this a very strong point in the auto’s favor. It was built as an electric vehicle from the ground up. According to Tesla, the battery technology, restraints, chassis, and body give the lowest probability for injuries to occupants. It also has a 5-star Overall Safety Rating, along with a 5-star rating in each category.

Versatile and Useful

Being an electric vehicle does not mean that the Model X sacrifices utility. In fact, it has the best-in-class storage. Because there is no need for an engine, exhaust, radiator, or other mechanical components, the Model X has extra space for cargo. There is even a second trunk in the front. Fit as many as seven passengers in the Model X’s three rows of seats, or choose a configuration to fit five or six passengers. Remember that the second and third rows both fold flat if you don’t need them. If you need more space, the Model X can even tow 5,000 pounds, a figure you would expect from a larger SUV.

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Plenty of Style

The styling of the Model X also puts it on its way to compete with luxury vehicles. It features Falcon Wing doors that most people associate with sports cars or futuristic models. However, they serve a very useful purpose. In the Tesla Model X, these doors make it easier to get to the second or third row, even if you are in a tight parking spot. To prevent damage, each door has sensors that monitor how close objects are, so they can open out of the way.

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Fuel Savings and Range

One of the main reasons that the Tesla Model X is worth the price is the money you will save through ownership, as well as the convenience of driving an electric vehicle with an incredible range. It has the longest electric range, 295 miles, and only takes 30 minutes to recharge for 170 miles. In addition to being able to charge your SUV at home, there are more than 8,000 supercharger locations around the country.

Advanced Technology

The other big factor in the Tesla Model X’s delivered value is its incredible technology. Enhanced Autopilot comes standard, including functionality like Lane Change, Side Collision Warning, Autosteer, Automatic Parking, Summon, and Emergen

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