The Remarkable Renault Alpine A110

The Renault Alpine A110 is a new vehicle with a rich history. The Alpine A110 was first produced by Alpine between 1961 and 1977 under the guidance of designer Giovanni Michelotti. That original Alpine A110 was a Berlinetta, meaning a small two-door coupe. This original used a series of Renault engines.

The first step toward the new version of the Alpine A110 took place in 2017 when Renault and Nissan made a partnership. This modern version is a rear-wheel-drive sports car with a rear mid-engine. The Alpine A110 made its debut in March 2017 at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show. The name and design of the new Renault Alpine A110 have clear influences from the original version. The vehicle went on sale in late 2018 in Europe, and so far, Renault has not mentioned any plans to bring it to the United States. Enthusiasts will have to wait and see whether it makes it stateside.


2018 – ALPINE A110 GT4

The layout of the Renault Alpine A110 is overall very similar to the predecessor that it draws inspiration from but with some changes. The biggest difference is that the four-cylinder engine is now mostly in front of the rear axle. By comparison, the original version had the engine fully behind this axle. This four-cylinder is all-aluminum and turbocharged. It is very similar to the powertrain of the Renault Sport Megane hatchback, but with a lower state of tune. The result is 249 horsepower plus 236 pound-feet for torque, working with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Size and Overall Description

The Renault Alpine A110 weighs about 2,450 pounds in the case of the Premiere Edition. This means that it has a better power-to-weight ratio than the entry-level model of the Porsche Cayman, despite having less overall power. The Alpine A110 is also smaller than the Cayman, with a wheelbase that is 2.1 inches shorter and 7.8 inches shorter overall but with a nearly identical width. The roofline of the Alpine is also 1.3 inches closer to the ground, giving you more headroom than in the Porsche.


The interior of the Alpine A110 is nice but does not feel like a luxury model. The Premiere Edition features leather bucket seats complete with fixed backs and quilted stitching. While they keep you comfortable during cornering, you cannot recline them, which can lead to discomfort on longer drives. The cabin can also get noisy.

To make up for those disadvantages, the Alpine A110 has good ergonomics. The metal switches under the touchscreen feel nice, and the steering wheel is thick-rimmed. The infotainment is the same one found on the more basic hatchbacks in the Renault lineup, but it does feature a performance-logging system. You can also configure the virtual instrument cluster and use paddle shifters to manually shift gears.

Do not expect a great deal of room for luggage in the Renault Alpine A110. That is not what this vehicle was designed for. There are 4 cubic feet for stowage underneath the hood along with a 3-cubic-foot compartment behind the engine. Just don’t put anything heat-sensitive by the engine compartment if you plan on driving the vehicle hard.

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