30 Greatest American Sports Cars

1967 Pontiac GTO

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Pontiac has some of the highest highs and the lowest lows when it comes to cars. This is one of the two best cars to ever come with a Pontiac badge. At the very bottom, there’s the Aztec and the Fiero. As you can see, Pontiac is a complicated company with a bit of a split personality. But let’s focus on the GTO for now. The Pontiac GTO (and especially 1967) was a magnificent sports car.


Like a lot of sports cars at the time period, there were different options for the car. Most came in coupe and in convertibles. The GTO main option was a hardtop and then added in those other two versions. Unlike a lot of cars at the time, all three were wonderful vehicles.

Looks + Power

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The 1967 GTO the last and best of the first generation of GTO’s. Sure a lot of people like the original, but this one was magnificent. The GTO had three engine options, all of which were pretty strong. To be fair, it was the same engine but tuned in three different ways. They had an economy option, the standard option, and the beefy high output version. The high output option managed to put out a very sexy 360 horsepower and 438 lb ft of torque. The GTO was going to get you where you wanted to go and get you there fast.

Since this was the very last year of the generation 1 GTO, it’s nicely collectible. It had some small cosmetic issues like changing the badge location and altering the grill that was used. It was just enough to give it a distinct look and anytime a car has a distinct one year look it tends to get more attention than it would have without it.

In 1968 the new look was certainly interesting, but just not as interesting. Things moved to more of a fastback look and the front end features a semi-detached grill that was interesting, but not quite the beautiful version the 1967 had.

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