Reviewing The 2018 Toyota Prius Prime

The 2018 Toyota Prius Prime is the plug-in hybrid of the famous Prius family. By delivering an estimated 54 mpg and 133 MPGs, the Toyota Prius Prime is a sound investment for those who want to save on fuel without sacrificing features. With the 2018 Prius Prime, you can choose from the Plus, Premium, or Advanced model. Each model builds on the previous one to deliver the features you need at a price that fits your budget.


Despite being a plug-in hybrid, the average person you pass on the street will assume that the 2018 Prius Prime is like every other auto. It has excellent styling, such as Quad-LED projector headlights and rear taillights. It also has the option of LED accent lights and foglights to match. Of course, looking at the Prius Prime does show you a vehicle designed for efficiency. Just some of the aerodynamic features include side body fins, underbody covers, an active front grille, and the dual-wave rear glass design.

Premium Features

The Toyota Prius Prime definitely proves that you can get premium features with a plug-in hybrid model. There is an available 11.6-inch HD multimedia display with intuitive functionality for swiping, tapping, zooming, and pinching. Further enhancing the technology is the available Head-Up Display in color and the 4.2-inch customizable dual Multi-Information Display screens.

The interior itself is also premium with high-quality materials and front seats that have deep bolsters. They even come standard with heating. Plus, you can get a heated steering wheel. For versatility, the rear seats split 60/40 and fold down. Keep in mind that the Prius Prime also has the best cargo capacity of its class, 19.8 cubic feet.

Incredibly Efficient Yet Fun

The Prius Prime somehow manages to be efficient while still delivering a fun driving experience. It has a Toyota-first dual-motor drive system, using both motors to propel the auto. This leads to improved efficiency and acceleration feel, as well as EV Mode when at highway speeds. Of course, the class-leading efficiency of the 2018 Prius Prime is also a strong point in its favor with 133 MPGe. This efficiency is the result of the optimized plug-in hybrid system, lightweight materials, aerodynamic styling, and more. Thanks to all those factors, the Prius Prime has an EPA-estimated range of 640 miles, putting the competition to shame.

The Prius Prime lets you choose from three driving modes: HV, EV, and EV Auto. This way, you can customize your driving experience based on your desired efficiency and power. To help you drive at your most efficient, this 2018 Toyota offers Predictive Efficient Drive, intelligent technology that learns your stopping patterns to boost efficiency. When you start approaching a stop recorded in the system, the navigation system’s map will suggest the best time for you to release your accelerator. The system also activates regenerative braking sooner, so you can save more energy to deliver to the hybrid battery.

Prius Prime Family

Easy to Charge

Toyota made sure that owners of the 2018 Prius Prime do not have to think too much about charging it. There is an optional charging cable lock, so the charge does not get interrupted. The Prius Prime comes with a cable that you can use to charge your plug-in hybrid fully in under 5.5 hours with a standard outlet. There is even charge scheduling, so you can charge at off-peak times.

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