New Jeep Truck Details and Leaks

Jeep lovers abroad have long been aware of the Detroit company’s decision to reintroduce (to great fanfare) a new iteration of Jeep truck. If you weren’t aware of this awesome revelation, rejoice. Jeep has let the world know its new truck will harken back to the glory days of old, recalling the legendary Scrambler namesake for its new open-bed 4×4.

2019 JT Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck

The new Jeep Truck is big and beefy, and quite militaristic (Courtesy JLWranglerForums)

What’s more exciting, though, is another big first for the Willys reincarnation: The new Jeep truck will feature a 3.0L turbodiesel V6. Rock crawlers and 4×4 junkies also rejoice. You’re welcome. Some impressive sleuths over at the aptly named JeepScramblerForum managed to sniff out some leaked CAD files from Chryslyer. At first glance, the files confirmed the configuration of the new pickup’s frame and axle – but more importantly, it gave these two precious details we’re happy to announce ourselves.

The new model’s official code will keep in line with Jeep’s other model nomenclatures (two alpha codes), receiving the model code JT. But back to that whole frame and axle thing, because that’s huge news for a vehicle designed to tackle trails and stuff: The new JT Truck will not be lazy in design – it will not be a truck body slapped onto the existing Wrangler 4-door frame.

2019 Jeep Scrambler JT CAD Drawing

Leaked CAD files show reveal the new Jeep truck’s body (courtesy of Jalopnik)

Instead, the new Jeep truck will feature its own elongated frame that’s a whopping 33” longer than the JK Unlimited. That’s 18% for your comparative folks. Beefier axles will get slapped underneath the body, likely helping the JT make claims as the most capable Jeep produced in this century once combined with that juicy, low-torque diesel.

Taking a quick and dirty peek at those axle CADs, we can see what appears to be a new and improved Dana 12-bolt differential housing and thicker axle housings that will bolster the truck’s performance over the Wrangler’s current Dana 44 axles.

Sleuths also found out the JT pickup will include an available 3-piece hard top in black or your body color of choice, as well as a factory sunrider soft top in traditional fashion. Fun Fact: This configuration will make the new Scrambler pickup the first convertible truck made in American since the quirky Chevy SSR.

The finished product is shaping up to be one badass truck. The profile of the reimagined Scrambler is extremely militaristic, more so than even the new Wranglers. With functionality harkening back to that same rugged Go Devil concept the original Willys became famous for, the new Scrambler is likely to cost a pretty penny.

In fact, Chrysler is injecting $700 million into their existing Toledo plant just to prepare for production of the Scrambler and new Wrangler model. Production was also delayed a whopping two years – if past makers’ missteps are any measure of prediction, that means costs will be higher than expected (as will final sale prices).

That’s all fine and dandy though, because we truly don’t care. The Scrambler is going to be The Jeep to own. Barring luxury saloon prices, we could see the Scrambler making its way overseas, performing militia and rescue duties in strangely named places. It will be a legend in the making, certainly, and we can’t wait to drive one.

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