20 Most Dependable Cars on the Market

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe is another dependable auto, especially for those who want to drive a luxurious auto without having to spend money on an overly large vehicle. Compared to other Mercedes-Benz autos, the C-Class is relatively affordable, even if it still more than the average person will want to spend on a vehicle. The C-Class has been in production since the 1994 model year and the coupe is just one of the several available body styles from this class, which also includes a sedan, wagon, and cabriolet. For those who do not need the family-friendliness of the sedan or wagon, the coupe is ideal with its sleek shape and the same dependability as the other C-Class models.

One of the things that attracts buyers to the C-Class Coupe is the way that its exterior styling mimics that of the larger and more expensive Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class models. This means that you get a money-saving way to enjoy the luxurious sleek styling of a bigger Mercedes-Benz while still maintaining the maneuverability and ease of parking the C-Class’s smaller size affords.

The C-Class Coupe also delivers a very nice interior which many experts consider to be among the best within the segment. It is spacious, although you will not likely want to use the rear seats for anything other than storage. The interior appointments, however, are what makes the C-Class Coupe stand out from the competition. They are refined as well as durable so you can enjoy your classy Mercedes-Benz coupe for years to come. All newer C-Class coupes get rich wood trim, soft-touch materials, a stitched leatherette dashboard, and nickel-finished metal – materials and quality you would expect from the flagship S-Class.

Adding to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class’ durability is a very good warranty that includes four years or 50,000 miles of coverage for the Limited Warranty, Powertrain Warranty, Corrosion Protection, and Roadside Assistance. This ensures you can count on minimal costs for related repairs within the first few years of ownership, enhancing the C-Class’ reliability. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz will want to minimize payouts during the warranty period, meaning that it builds its components to last, minimizing hassles for you.

Lexus GS

2014 Lexus GS

Having entered production in 1993, the Lexus GS has had a reasonable amount of time to prove its dependability. The Lexus GS is the same as the Toyota Aristo with some brand variations to distinguish the regular Toyota and the luxury Lexus, although the Toyota Aristo arrived in Japan in 1991. The Lexus GS was created to be a performance sedan within the mid-size luxury class and has gone through four generations over the years.

The latest 2018 Lexus GS has a high-reliability rating from J.D. Power, predicted at 5/5, plus a comprehensive warranty that shows the automaker trusts its vehicle is up to the challenges of daily drives. New Lexus GS models come with a basic four-year warranty or 50,000 miles and a powertrain warranty of six years or 70,000 miles. J.D. Power also rates the quality of the latest GS at 5/5, indicating one of the reasons it likely predicted it to be highly dependable, especially when combined with past years’ ratings. Owners agree with the J.D. Power assessment, with Driver Power ratings showing an average score of 91.12 percent for the GS. When it debuted on the ratings, it started in the top 20, although the costs to run are a bit higher than with other vehicles.

2007 GS

When the first Lexus GS arrived, the goal was to deliver a deluxe vehicle without the extensive exterior detailing and features typical of premium Japanese sedans. Instead, the design team wanted a more simplified European-style appearance. To achieve that, Lexus combined styling from the Lexus SC performance coupe and the flagship of the time, the LS. The latest major revision to the Lexus GS made its debut in August 2015 at the Monterey Car Week but the new model remained part of the current fourth generation. There, it showed off a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine instead of the 3.5-liter V6. This engine used an Atkinson cycle. Other updates for this revision included new trim in the front and rear, new rocker panels, new wheels, new exterior lighting, more active safety features, and revisions to the infotainment system.

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