The Best Electric Vehicles On The Market

Every year, the number of electric vehicles on the market seems to grow as consumers demand transportation methods that are easier on the planet. To help you sort through the various options, take a look at some of the best electric vehicles.

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is a midsized crossover utility vehicle. This luxury auto gives second- and third-row passengers access via falcon wing doors for plenty of style and can seat seven passengers. It also has an impressive 5-star safety rating and a range of 295 miles. Tesla thought of everything with those falcon wing doors, which they feature sensors to ensure they open up and out without hitting objects around you. For added convenience, the front doors also automatically open. Inside, you will find a 17-inch touchscreen and a panoramic windshield for a better view.

In addition to being an electric vehicle, Tesla markets the Model X as the safest SUV ever. Tesla constructed this auto from the ground up with the goal of it being electric, which allowed for unique, sturdy battery technology, restraints, chassis, and body. The result is the lowest probability of injury to occupants. The Model X also comes standard with an array of active safety features, including side collision warning and emergency braking. It even has Enhanced Autopilot for things like lane change, autosteer, summon, and automatic parking. Tesla’s Model X has the advanced hardware that can be easily updated when the time comes for full self-driving capabilities.

Because it is a rare offering in the segment of crossover utility vehicles, the Tesla Model X is among the most spacious EVs on this list. In fact, it has the best storage space of SUVs in its class thanks to the lack of engine, exhausts, radiators, and more. There is also a second trunk in the front. In addition to the seating for seven, this Model X can tow 5,000 pounds. If you prefer, you can also configure the Model X to seat five or six passengers instead. Both rear rows will fold flat when you do not need them.

Range and charging are crucial for EVs, and this is another area the Model X excels. The previously mentioned range of 295 miles is highly competitive. There is also the option of using one of the more than 10,000 Superchargers for quicker charging when necessary. The electric status of the Model X does not mean any sacrifice in performance. This CUV only needs 2.9 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph and comes standard with all-wheel drive. There are actually three engines to choose from with the Model X for a fully customizable experience.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Those in search of a budget-friendly electric vehicle will appreciate all that the Chevrolet Bolt EV has to offer. Now in the 2019 model year, this auto is not a luxury vehicle but comes with all the features you want. It is also versatile and spacious with an impressive range of 238 miles. In its class, the Bolt EV stands out in terms of technology and more, thanks to features like the 10.2-inch color touchscreen. It even has a 5-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA. To help keep the costs and hassle of owning a Bolt EV down, this vehicle requires minimal maintenance. After all, you do not need to worry about any of the engine upkeep tasks associated with gas vehicles.

In addition to the incredibly good range, the Chevy Bolt EV vehicle gets about 25 miles of charge per hour when you charge it using a 240-volt, 32-amp charging unit. You can also take advantage of DC fast charging, which gives you about 90 miles of charge in just 30 minutes. The Bolt EV also has Location-Based Charging that lets you program the charging for your vehicle. Set it up so that if you are away from home, the vehicle will start charging as soon as you plug it in. Then, when you are at home, it charges during off-peak electricity times to save you money.

2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Keep track of all the energy-related statistics on the Bolt EV’s tablet-like display. View energy details, such as how much energy you use while driving, including the percentage used by your battery condition and climate settings. Look at your efficiency history via a convenient bar graph showing the last 50 miles. You also can learn to stay on track with an energy usage index score.

View all this on the 10.2-inch color touchscreen or the 8-inch driver cluster. There is also compatibility for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You also can make the most of your Chevrolet Bolt EV with the myChevrolet Mobile application and 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities. The technology can also extend to safety features, such as available forward collision alert, low-speed forward automatic braking, front pedestrian braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane keep assist featuring lane departure warning.

In terms of versatility, the Bolt EV is a four-door hatchback with your choice of trim levels. Both feature 60/40 rear seats that split and fold to give you up to 56.6 cubic feet for cargo.

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