Affordable Cars: 2018 Hyundai Accent

The 2018 Hyundai Accent proves that you can stick to your budget and get a new car with a long list of features and nice styling. The all-new 2018 Accent is offered in three trims, each of which has a starting MSRP of under $20,000, some by at least several thousand dollars. To make the 2018 Accent even more affordable, it comes with an amazing warranty, just like every other auto from the Hyundai lineup.

2018 Accent

Styling and First Impressions

The 2018 Accent continues Hyundai’s tradition of making vehicles seem as if they should cost more than they actually do, helping this sedan make a good first impression. You will notice the roofline flowing nearly all the way to the rear, enhancing interior space. While the Accent is smaller than other Hyundai sedans, it does borrow some styling elements from the larger, more expensive options. The running lights, headlights, and grille have nice proportions, and mild flares bring the eye to the wheels. The Limited trim also throws in LED taillights.

Interior Styling

2018 Hyundai Accent Interior

Because the 2018 Hyundai Accent is so small, there is not enough space for extra features and stylistic elements that are unnecessary. You get all the basics, however, from climate controls to a touchscreen. While the Accent does mostly have hard plastics, the textures and colors are nice, helping elevate the feel somewhat.

Comfort and Technology

You can technically fit five people in the Hyundai Accent. However, you do not want to unless some are children or you are going a very short distance. The small rear middle seat is made up for by the large trunk and nice storage spaces for smaller items. Front-seat passengers, however, will find more than enough space, even if they are extremely tall.

Every single 2018 Accent comes with at least a 5-inch touchscreen in color. However, you could opt for a 7-inch one that almost seems to overwhelm the small dashboard. Other than the three trims, you won’t find options for the Accent. In addition, there is no way to get leather upholstery or built-in navigation.

In addition to the touchscreen, all Accents come with steering-wheel controls for phone and audio, Bluetooth, USB ports, a rearview camera, keyless entry, and power accessories. Upgrading can get you Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, satellite radio, automatic emergency braking, and front-seat heaters.

Lackluster Performance but Great Efficiency

2018 Hyundai Accent

As expected for a vehicle of its price point and size, the Hyundai Accent will not deliver any thrills while on the road. However, it will save you money when it comes time to fill up the tank. The Accent uses a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder with 130 horsepower and 119 pound-feet of torque. On the plus side, the Accent only weighs around 2,500 pounds in the base trim, which means it does not require extreme horsepower anyway. Even so, drivers have to put up with a drone when accelerating hard. If you choose the manual transmission, the accent delivers 28 city/37 highway/31 combined mpg. With the automatic, you get 28/38/32 mpg.

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