25 Coolest Concept Cars

Chrysler ME Four-Twelve

The Chrysler ME Four-Twelve is a concept car of a high-performance nature that Chrysler produced in 2004. The name refers to the Mid-Engine setup that features Four turbochargers on its Twelve-cylinder engine. Chrysler produced two of these concept vehicles. The first was for auto shows and had limited operation. The other was a full running prototype. It was created by a small, behind-the-scenes team. The show vehicle debuted at the North American International Auto Show located in Detroit, Michigan in 2004. It took less than a year to develop and design. At the Detroit show, it was announced that this prototype was fully running.

The chassis tub is made of aluminum and carbon-fiber honeycomb while the body is carbon fiber that is lightweight. The vehicle maintains a low-profile, making it aerodynamic and the many air-intakes keep the engine cool. Maximum stopping power is achieved with 16-inch discs in both the front and rear as well as six-piston-calipers. The engine is a modified 6.0-liter aluminum M120 V12 from Mercedes-Benz delivering 850 horsepower. As such, the concept would have been able to achieve 0-100 in 6.2 seconds, making it the most powerful and fastest road-going production auto if it had made it to production (at the time).

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