25 Coolest Concept Cars

Over the years, there have been many amazing concept cars. While some have reached production, others have not. Here are the 25 coolest concept cars.

Oldsmobile Golden Rocket (1956)

The Oldsmobile Golden Rocket was a concept vehicle that featured two seats and was produced for the General Motors Motorama in 1956. The concept had radical styling with plenty of fiberglass.

The overall appearance was designed to make the Golden Rocket appear as if it was a rocket that happened to sit on a set of wheels. After its initial debut in 1956, the Golden Rocket had some minor revisions followed by repeat appearances, including at the Paris Motor Show the following year. Inside this Space Age car, there were blue and gold leather upholstery and a two-piece roof panel. There was even a button-controlled tilting steering wheel.

It had a body made of lightweight fiberglass with a paint finish of metallic bronze, to add to the rocket feel. The windshield was uniquely designed to sweep back and wrap around, and the tires were whitewall with stylish ‘dotted-lines.’ In 1958, Corvette put out a fastback coupe with a design in the rear that looked to be directly taken from the Golden Rocket design, including the same tail fins and rear fenders. Currently, it is unknown if any of these cars still exist as it was GM’s practice to destroy show cars when they were done with them.

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