The Always Stunning: Aston Martin DB4 GT

The 2018 Aston Martin DB4 GT, also known as the DB4 GT continuation, is a vehicle that many covet. The 1959 Aston Martin DB4 GT was such a popular model that the automaker made continuation models for 2018, each with a very hefty price tag. This model is a factory-built continuation model that is nearly identical to the original. While only 75 DB4 GTs were originally produced from 1959 to 1963, the continuation model is even more limited with just 25 in circulation.

source: Wikimedia

Costly Yet Worth It

To say that only the rich can afford the DB4 GT continuation is not an understatement. This elegant vehicle is designed to be one that only the distinguished can own. Not only were just 25 produced, but each costs £1.5 million. Considering the limited nature of the models, plus the fact that each auto takes 30 people about 4,500 hours to build, that figure does not seem too ridiculous – even if it makes the models nearly impossible to afford. This is a vehicle only for those serious collectors with the financial means to back up their interest.

How They Created It

Making the Aston Martin DB4 GT was no easy feat. The team started working in the middle of 2016 and made use of modern technology. It digitally scanned about eight or nine of the original vehicles and studied 450 of the original drawings. It wanted to perfectly replicate the original but had limited information on the specific details. Because the models were originally hand built, there were also some variations in their build. An example is the left-hand kink on the chassis for all scanned models, but the team ironed this out. Both the aluminum body panels and tubular mild-steel chassis were made off-site with everything stitched together at location. The team even worked to use the original suppliers for materials whenever possible, doing everything it could to maintain authenticity.

Updates to the Model

There are a few changes to the 2018 Aston Martin DB4 GT continuation, including improved performance. The suspension became rose-jointed to deliver metal-to-metal connections instead of rubber-bushings for a precise feel, as you’re cruising down the road. The engine is also now 4.2-liter with 340 bhp, instead of the original 3.7-liter straight-6, giving you a little more power to go with your style. The gearbox is also more durable in the form of a non-synchro 4-speed transmission featuring straight-cut gears.

source: Wikimedia

Behind the Wheel

If you ever get lucky enough to drive one of these 2018 DB4 GT models, you will notice that the straight-cut gears engage positively. However, downshifts can be challenging because you have to develop your technique. Compared to modern cars, the steering is much slower. This means you have to nearly double your input to go around curves. Even so, those who have gotten the chance to drive it say that the DB4 GT’s steering is very precise and intuitively weighted. Those that have been behind the wheel are happy to say it handles like a dream.

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