BMW M2 Review

For those who enjoy luxury and thrills, the BMW M2 is an excellent investment. While it costs more than the average vehicle, it is well worth it in terms of performance, comforts, and high-quality materials. The M2 is the most recent in a long line of BMWs with the “M” name, indicating its performance. The current version is the very first BMW M2 Coupe but builds on the four decades of BMW M models.

Delivering Thrills with Ease

When you get behind the wheel of the BMW M2, you will be guaranteed to experience plenty of thrills. The engine delivers 365 horsepower, which lets this coupe go from a standstill to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. This comes courtesy of the TwinScroll turbocharged engine that also has 343 pound-feet of torque with almost no lag. When you want more, engage Overboost to add another 27 pound-feet to the 3-liter inline-6.

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To further assist with the exhilarating feel, the M2 uses compound brakes that were race-bred, the Active M Differential, and the lightweight aluminum suspension from the M4. The M2 comes standard with a manual transmission so you are involved in the gear changes. For extra precision in all your gear shifting, there is a precise rev-matching system, plus carbon-fiber friction lining. For those who prefer automatics, there is also a 7-speed M Double Clutch that takes the best of both gearboxes to deliver smooth and quick gear changes whether you shift manually or stick to automatic mode.

Track Your Performance

BMW understands that most drivers who choose to buy the M2 will do so because of its incredible performance. That is why it included the M Laptimer App that features GoPro integration. This system will automatically calculate your time for laps on closed courses. It then takes data from G-force, the accelerator pedal, the steering column, and more to analyze your driving style.

Makes an Unforgettable Impression

With the BMW M2, you will always make an impression that lasts. The chiseled front conveys an aggressive appearance and is complemented by a wide rear stance. Overall, the design can be described in one word: bold. To complete the look, the M2 sits on 19-inch M Forged Double-Spoke Wheels.

Interior Comforts with a Sporty Feel

As you sit inside the BMW M2, you will appreciate the seamless combination of sportiness with luxury. The interior strives for a simple yet elegant style. The Black Dakota Leather has blue stitching to create that high-end feel. It matches the black panel instrument cluster and carbon-fiber trim. Even the technology is dedicated to making life easier. The M2 has Wi-Fi hotspot abilities so you can stay connected no matter where you are. There is also wireless charging for compatible smartphones, right in the designated pocket of the central console.

The updates to the infotainment system for the latest M2 are also very much worth mentioning. Now you can enjoy iDrive 6.0, the most recent infotainment system from the brand. While the standard 6.6-inch screen is nice, the 8.8-inch one is even better. The ability to use the iDrive controller, touch inputs or voice recognition is incredibly convenient.