2017 i-MiEV Review

The 2017 i-MiEV marked the final year of this particular Mitsubishi for sale in America, although there are still numerous other models offered by the automaker. Despite a range of features and the environmental friendliness of the model, the i-MiEV only sold a limited number of models in the United States, and Mitsubishi realized it was no longer practical to sell it there. Those in other countries can still get it, or you can find a used 2017 version or previous model year. It is true that the i-MiEV has a lackluster range, but other than this, it is a very reasonable vehicle.

source: ShutterStock

Incredibly Affordable

One of the biggest draws of the 2017 Mitsubishi i-MiEV is its incredibly low price. In fact, it is the lowest-costing electric car you will find. In other words, it gives drivers who want an electric vehicle without breaking the bank an option to own. It is also very cheap to run because it relies on electricity, not gas.


One of the factors accounting for the i-MiEV’s low price is its small size. This subcompact is even small in comparison to the most recent Mini Cooper. Even so, it can fit four adults in reasonable comfort, and everyone has enough headroom thanks to the tall shape. It is likely that the compact size of the i-MiEV hurt its sales in the United States because the market tends to focus on larger vehicles. Not only is the vehicle small, so is the cargo space. However, the rear seats fold down after splitting 50/50, making it possible to run errands in this Mitsubishi.

Battery Pack and Range

As an electric vehicle, the 2017 i-MiEV has a 49-kilowatt electric motor that sends its 66 horsepower to the rear wheels. It gets power from the 16-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, delivering an electric range of 62 miles. That is actually the lowest range of any battery-electric model for sale in the U.S. It is also impractical for high-speed use, doing best at 40 mph or slower. If you drive faster than this or turn on the heater or air conditioning, the range quickly drops, going to just 35 to 40 miles in winter months. Even so, it is a very smart option for those in urban areas who want to go electric.

Incredibly Maneuverable

The upside of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV’s small size and electric powertrain is that it is incredibly easy to maneuver. It has a nice, small turning circle and has no problem fitting in the smallest of parking spots. It is also nearly as fast off the line as the competition, delivering a smooth ride once you get going.

Reasonable Features

The features of the 2017 i-MiEV are not designed to impress anyone. Instead, they provide what you really need while keeping the price tag of this Mitsubishi low. All models have remote keyless entry, power accessories, and aluminum-alloy wheels. Inside, they all have six speakers, AM/FM radio, MP3 capabilities, a CD player, and leather on the shift knob and steering wheel. It can also include a 7-inch touchscreen with navigation, Bluetooth, a rear-vision camera, and a USB port. You won’t find any other advanced safety features, though.